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my name is al "bubba" baker, and i live in avon, ohio, with my beautiful wife, sabrina, and i have three lovely children. i played in the nfl for 13 years.
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i was rookie of the year. i was an all-pro. that was my job then, but barbecue is my passion. so, how we doing over here? fantastic. after my nfl career, i opened up my own barbecue restaurant, and that's where my revolutionary product was invented. it's convenient, it's delicious, and it's all-natural. here you go. you ready? touchdown! it's important for us to get this investment today, because we've spent every penny on this dream, and we've almost wiped out the profits from my restaurant. my family's made a lot of sacrifices, particularly my wife, sabrina, and i want to be able to show her that at the end of the day, it's gonna pay off. being in the nfl for 13 years, things don't always go according to your game plan, and it's the end result -- winning -- that matters.
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hi. i'm al "bubba" baker from avon, ohio, owner of the de-boned baby back rib steaks. i'm seeking $300,000 in exchange for 15% equity in my company, and this is my lovely daughter brittani. she's gonna make you sharks ribs in a microwave in two minutes. now, i played a little football in the nfl for 13 years. that was my job. barbecue is my passion. sadly, i married a woman that doesn't like ribs because they're too messy. so i vowed to find a way for my wife to be able to enjoy ribs. but how do you make ribs less messy? you take the bones out. [ laughs ] after 20 years, i found the perfect method, and the de-boned baby back rib steaks were born.
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we are the only people that have removed the bones from an actual slab of rib, leaving the meat intact so that everyone can enjoy ribs with a knife and fork. our de-boned baby back rib steak is not pieces of meat formed in the shape of a rib, if you know what i mean. [ laughs ] you tell them, bubba. boneless meats are the ofway the future, and the future is now. make no bones about it, sharks. it's time for some ribs. john: yeah. it's always time for ribs. all right, bubba. bless me with the bubba baby back. [ laughs ] cuban: bubba, who'd you play for? well, i played for the lions. i was rookie of the year in 1978. i played for the then-st. louis cardinals, and then i came back and i retired in cleveland in 1990. that's a long career, man. great career. this is absolutely delicious. yeah, it's very good. this is really, really good. thank you. thank you. so, basically -- i just want to be really, really clear.
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i buy this, i throw it in the microwave for two minutes -- and it tastes like this? you got it. mmm. often, when we go to restaurants, cowboy rib eye, bone-in rib eye -- some people actually believe that the bone just tastes better. that's a great point. we cook the product with the bone in it, and when the product is fully cooked, then we remove the bones, then we quick-chill it, and then it's packed right away. o'leary: is there anything proprietary about how you're removing the bone, or are you genetically altering cows so they grow up with no ribs? [ laughter ] actually, it's pigs. kevin, it's hogs. okay, so, why couldn't i just do the same thing? well, um... if you mind, i'm not running, guys. the process and the product -- don't run from the tough questions. okay. i'm not gonna run from any questions. literally. right here, kevin, is the patent for the product, and right here is the patent for the process. wow. could i see the process patent? here. take them both to them.
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so, nobody else can make boneless ribs? let me be more specific. no one else can make a fully cooked rib with either one or more bones removed from it. wow. and how do you get the bones out? if i tell you that, i got to kill you. kill him. cuban: no, you don't. you got a patent. you got a patent for it, bubba. you can tell him. yeah, tell me. baker: robert, honestly, there's the patent, then there's the know-how, and what i say to people who are gonna go try and reverse-engineer and figure out how to do it, i say, "good luck to you, 'cause it took me 20 years to do it." o'leary: i got to tell you something. in the entire history of "shark tank," i've never seen a patent on a food product ever before. thank you. 'cause we worked it. herjavec: al, what are your sales and how many locations are you in? okay, our sales are $154,000. over what period? over a year's period. we're selling in about 48 stores. you said it took you 20 years to develop this, and you've only been in business one year. what happened to those other 19 years?
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well, at one point, i'll be honest with you. i, um -- i hate to use this word -- i quit. and the reason that this young lady and i are partners is we had an incident where she was in track, and, like most dads, i was pushing her. she said, "hey, i don't want to run track." i said, "you cannot quit." and she said, "well, you quit on the boneless ribs." oh! corcoran: powerful. yeah. if it wasn't for her, i wouldn't still be doing what i'm doing. o'leary: okay, guys. i actually am an investor in a restaurant chain with 450 locations that sells a ton of protein, and this is their second-largest selling item -- ribs. here's the big problem with your deal right now. you're asking for $2 million valuation on this thing. you're not making any money. the only value here is in the patent. this reminds me of a story that's so relevant to you. i love stories. the first season of "shark tank," a guy stood right where you are. he had a folding-neck guitar. he wanted to build out a guitar company.
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the only thing of value was the patent on the folding-neck technology. you know where we are today? where are you at? they are licensing that technology on fender bender guitars all around the world. he's gonna be rich. listen to what i'm saying to you. a patent on a food product -- that's interesting. and the only value in the patent is to license it to one of the suppliers of protein. i want to take you to one guy... okay. ...that supplies eight -- you know what? pigs hate this guy. [ laughs ] all around the world, pigs are walking around saying, "stop the senseless slaughter," because of this one guy. [ laughs ] so, my offer is very simple. i'll give you the $300,000. it's contingent on getting one of the large meat processors in america to license the patent. but i want 49%. that's the deal.
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it's an "exclusion". but not at payless bogo. they include everything in the store. even stuff that was already marked down! savings, on top of savings. it's a bigger, better bogo. everybody loves to payless. narrator: all five sharks are still in. kevin has made an offer of $300,000, contingent on a licensing deal with a large meat processor. but he wants 49% of al's company. that's the first time kevin actually has a decent idea when it comes to something like this. it's the first time we've heard his stupid idea making any sense. john: that idea is so brilliant, i'll do the exact same deal, but i'll only take 30%.
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bam, kevin! this greedy savage -- his deal is horrible. o'leary: he's nevdone a deal like this. if you talk to the guy that owns -- i've licensed plenty. al, let me clear it up for you. yeah, okay. i think you're paying a very expensive price for somebody to make a phone call for you that you could do on your own. i'm out. barbara? i would have pitched you that i should bring you to some of the big-box stores, some of the club channels, like b.j.'s, costco, but i happen to think some of the offers on the table are better, so i'm out. okay. thank you. cuban: i'm kind of in the same boat. i think you need to fatten up the hog some before it's ready to go. for me, the business w would have to be a little bit bigger. that's why you're limited kind of to the licensing play. so, for those reasons, i'm out. okay. herjavec: al, you got two offers. yeah. both licensing deals. al, is this the path that you want to go down? talk to the guys at voyage-air and fender -- all around the world. i'm the man. and i want you and i to de-bone this pig together.
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[ laughs ] you've got the real deal, or you've got the discount license guy. day 1, you're not taking a check, and he wants to take 50% of your company. 49%. i'm worth every cent of that 49%. what are you gonna do? um, kevin, i love the fact that you have made us an offer, but i think i'm gonna take daymond's deal. ah! you picked the better man, my son. you de-boned the pig right in front of me! thanks a lot. right deal, al. thank you. thank you. thanks a lot. thank you. thank you. congrats, guys. [ laughs ] hey, hey! he was a great salesperson. he was a great pitcher. yes, he is. he was a great salesperson. he understood the art of pitching. and he sure knows how to cook a rib. [ laughs ] yay! studying daymond's background, i think he's a guy that enjoys making change, and that's what this is going to do to the barbecue industry. it's gonna change barbecue as we know it.
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>> big questions tonight. who saw this video and when? a mother and two young children missing. 'splea from catherine hoggle common-law husband. destroy isil. we will break down the president address from the white house. captioned by the national captioning institute former fbi director will
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conduct an independent investigation into how the nfl handled evidence. it questions about who saw this video and when. by a lawking claimant enforcement official who insists the video was sent to the nfl months ago. >> roger goodell says no one in the league saw that video of ray rice knocking his fiancée unconscious until this week. story.s sticking to its ap says it has a law enforcement source who played them a voicemail. a female employee left that voicemail in april. the woman that knowledge is receiving a tape -- acknowledges receiving a tape.
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videotapee nfl this april 9. and much an interview roger goodell said no one from the nfl had seen the tape until it became public this week. did not see videotape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed there was a video. >> they have a lot of money and a lot of power. they could have seen the footage . >> he insisted the only video one,fl had seen was this the ravens start dragging his now wife off of an elevator in february. spokesperson brian mccarthy -- tonight spokesperson brian mccarthy responded -- suspended ray rice
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indefinitely and baltimore cut him. didou have to assume they what was right with the information they knew at the time. >> the new video is beyond disturbing. was almost traumatized myself because it was so vivid. the source who told the ap that he gave the nfl the second videotape back in april says he cannot confirm who actually watched it. in the midst of all of this controversy, the ravens are getting set to pay -- play the pittsburgh steelers tomorrow night in baltimore. police are investigating an officer involved shooting. it happened at 31st street and south dakota avenue northeast.
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officers were trying to arrest a man in a car when he but the car in reverse and hit the officer. happening now in montgomery county, a search for her mother and two children intensifies. the three. sign of police to released new surveillance images of catherine hoggle. roz plater is live in germantown with more. the two confirmed sightings are near where we are, the germantown chick-fil-a and the transit center. there is an arrest warrant out for catherine hoggle. that allows them to work -- look more deeply into her background. area is the latest site police have been searching.
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they came here hoping for the missing clarksburg mom and any sign up for two children. around, looking under stuff. they asked me if i saw anything. >> there is a warrant out for 27 euros catherine hogglestuff. . she is being charged with child neglect. her two-year-old son jacob disappeared on sunday and her three-year-old daughter sarah on monday. >> we have had no sightings whatsoever. had no calls from the community. . she is being charged with child >> she has been spotted twice since then. alongy morning walking 118. that is about nine hours after she was seen in the surveillance video monday evening. she slipped out of a chick-fil-a restaurant.
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she has mental health issues, but was on medication, according to her family. think she got scared. she feels like she is protecting them. despite the misdemeanor warrant, police say they want catherine hoggle to call them. they are hoping someone out there has seen something. >> we are on storm watch. warmer temperatures tomorrow could turn into thunderstorms. steve rudin lets us know what we need to plan for. >> it will be hot and humid tomorrow and it will feel like the middle of august. a strong cold front off to the west of us across northern ohio
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and central indiana into southern illinois. it promises to bring a round of thunderstorms by late day. temperatures are still mild. the same in manassas and fredericksburg come also at 70 degrees. tomorrow morning, 65-70 bus stop forecast. address,are primetime president obama unveiled his plan for fighting isil. airstrikes inside syria for the first time. 500 u.s. troops will go to iraq to bolster their security forces . the u.s. will not be constrained by borders when it comes to hunting down terrorists. >> i will not hesitate to take action inside syria as well as a rock. -- iraq. >> the u.s. will launch a
11:25 pm
campaign to take out isis wherever they exist. officialsinistration would not give any timeline for this action, saying they did not want to telegraph military strikes. he asked congress for authority , something the cia has already been doing in secret. >> we must strengthen the opposition. officials say saudi to host a agreed training program. president obama spoke by phone with saudi's king today. the u.s. would expand airstrikes in iraq. >> so that we are hitting targets as iraqi forces go on offense. >> more than 1000 u.s. troops are already in iraq. insisted they will not be combat troops. they will be there to train and advise.
11:26 pm
>> we will not get dragged into another ground war in iraq. >> it will take time to eradicate the cancer like isil. it is clear this could be a lengthy campaign. the majority of those responding, 59% admit to seeing them as a very serious threat to vital interest of the u.s.. 71% are in support of u.s. airstrikes against sunni insurgents in iraq. , the virginiaert department of health is investigating a dozen suspected cases of enteric virus -- enterovirus in virginia. the spreads much like common cold and there are key signs that parents should look out for. seehen you start to
11:27 pm
wheezing, difficulty breathing, that is when i would bring them to medical attention. >> the virus is in 12 states. the best advice, wash hands frequently. cover your cough and disinfect toys and doorknobs. >> the fight against the ebola is getting an injection of help tonight from one of the richest families in the world. the bill and melinda gates foundation is giving $50 million to relief efforts. the money will be used for medical supplies and develop vaccines. alert.nsumer il announced 5 million addresses and passwords appeared on a russian form today. google says it servers were not breached and there appears to be a collection of passwords exposed in previous hacks.
11:28 pm
it was investigating to see if this list is authentic. if your account was affected, you will be notified. >> dozens of protesters threaten to shut down interstate have been arrested in ferguson. there were also seen throwing rocs appellees. appellees. rocks a prosecutor has presented the case to a grand jury. >> when you had trouble getting results from an area deck resurfacing company, you turn to 7 on your side. >> we have some big results.
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investigationvely did some results. we looked into a local deck resurfacing company. >> the owner of deck daddy denies wrongdoing, but since our first report aired back in july, we continue to receive complaints from consumers.
11:32 pm
kris van cleave reports deck daddy made a big announcement this afternoon. >> this interview is over. >> he tried to get answers after numerous complaints. the better business bureau and maryland regulators about his business. usended up overcharging initially. >> i did not get anything. it gives business people a bad name. >> his website claims deck daddy had an a plus rating with the better business bureau. website? this on your >> this interview is over. >> the answer is yes, it was a mistake. >> the state home-improvement
11:33 pm
commission filed criminal charges in anne arundel and prince george's county alleging they acted without a license. >> the magnitude of the cases were egregious. >> we were able to get some of the people who complained refunds. several others are still waiting. >> maryland regulators say they intend to pursue civil penalties against deck daddy. he denies any wrongdoing and sent us a statement saying -- we have more online at
11:34 pm
interview is over. if you have a problem you need to solve, contact 7 on your side. >> it may not really be over. out with the old and in with the new and that is true for apple. yesterday, it unveiled its new i found on the apple watch -- i found and the apple watch. today, it is discontinued the ipod classic. >> wow. onwe have some rough weather the way tomorrow. those storms may become strong, especially during the afternoon-evening hours. the showers, the storms quickly approach from the west.
11:35 pm
it is humid at reagan national airport, 75 degrees. 83 was our high earlier today. average for this time of year, 82. a cold front moves through, some areas pick up half an inch or three quarters of an inch of rain. and things will cool down for the weekend. 72 degrees right now at george washington university. 70 in arlington. rockville, 70 degrees. temperatures warm out there right now. 70, winchester. 72, frederick. the humidity is building off to the south and west of us. look off to the north and west. we are talking 30's and 40's across minnesota and wisconsin.


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